Saturday, 29 November 2014


If thoughts had their geometry,
Would ours meet?
Like intersecting lines?
At some point
In a distant plane,
Mine abscissa, your ordinate,
And together, we
A bracket unto ourselves,
The definition of a full stop in eternity!

Or would they go parallel, still,
Even in those dimensions,
Like the asymptotes we are,
Never to meet
But to keep running together,
By each other’s side
Chasing infinity?

If thoughts had their geometry
Would ours be confined?
Between point A and point B,
The two ends of one segment of a line?

Or would they grow exponentially
Reaching out with wide, open arms
To embrace a forever that actually lasts;
And extend, unhindered by trivialities
Of distance, space and time?

If thoughts had their geometry
Could we
Build a circle out of ours?
With no beginning, no end,
Just an endless, continuous middle
That keeps melting unto its own self!

If thoughts had their geometry
Would this world be large enough?
To act as a plane
Where we could plot ours:
Lay thoughts down
Into words, characters, feelings, prayers, hopes,
Like plotting precisions onto neat squares of graphs?

Or would we need a bigger area
To encompass them all?
An always up-surging curve,
As thoughts tend to infinity?

If thoughts had their geometry,
Would mathematics be richer, simpler?
Tell me, stranger,
Would it still not make sense to you?