Friday, 13 March 2015

Nineteen :)

Nineteen leaves me stuck somehow-
dangling precariously

The dignified glory of adulthood 

and the delicious nonchalance of childhood.

Nursing nostalgia for school 

and dreading the end of college years.

A reminiscence of summer break laughter 

and a fear for all those “Farewell” tears.


Being too old for uniforms 

and too young for corporate suits.

An overwhelming urge to catch rainbow hued butterflies 

and looking for internships to bolster my CV.

A craving for the biggest piece of chocolate truffle 

and the realization that I have put on weight.


A desire for company 
and the will to fight it out alone.

A compulsive obsession to figure all of it out at once 

and mood swings that do not let me get out of bed.


Me and myself.

Nineteen leaves me clueless.

There are so many choices to choose from 

That sometimes I have no choice but to choose 
What I would rather not choose 
Just because… I am nineteen.

The last of my teens- 

The trickiest of my teens.

I am no longer a child 

not quite a grown up either-

Simply nineteen.