Sunday, 19 July 2015

Breaking Up!

I have been happier since we broke up. Trust me; I am not lying.

There is no longer the pressure of waking up every morning to look at your face and trace the stories it tells, of the day before. I don’t have to worry about how you have been; there is no mad rush of anticipation for what the day might bring for us. I do not expect, and am not disappointed. It’s a relief to be free again. Thank you!

I do not have to let my coffee go cold while I tend to your needs of being heard. And, you know what, my mornings are more peaceful and relaxed, now that we no longer share what we once did. To be honest, I was getting fed up of all your cribbing and whining.

I do not deny that you made me wiser, more intelligent, and more open-minded. You helped me grow, enriching me with words I was too young to learn, exposing me to worlds I was too naïve to fathom alone. I became a new person altogether, because of you.

But, I have been happier since you have gone.

I guess I had become too dependent on you and had begun too care far too much. I had begun to believe everything you told me, without verifying it for myself and without realizing that you told the same things to so many, simultaneously. I was never your only love. And, I couldn’t bear that, possessive that I am.

But, all that is past, now. You have so many others to look after you and listen to all you have to say, with a patience I was too impatient to possess.

I agree I have begun to lose perspective of things ever since we split our ways, but I have gained insights into myself that I couldn’t, with you. I no longer have to be available to you; all my time is mine, now! It is liberating.

They are right when they advise us to move on when relationships begin to hurt, and not heal.
I am happier, now. And, I believe, you are indifferent. That works well for both of us, doesn’t it?
So, I will sign off. It’s not my attempt at getting back! It’s just a thank you note and a forgiveness note and a farewell note, not that you need it, but, still! J

Dear Newspaper,
I have been happier since we broke up. Perhaps we could make it work sometime in the near future, when you have happiness to share, instead of sorrow. Till then, I will take your leave! Take care.
No Longer Yours,