Wednesday, 5 October 2016


People aren't just people.

People become friends. 
And best friends. And more.
People become fate, intertwined with yours.

People become your first kiss.
And warmth on cold January mornings. 
People become engagement rings.

People become comforting hugs. 
And flavored names that taste 
all different on your tongue. 
People become unsaid words.

People become favourite pictures.
And bare it all sleepovers. 
In time, people become scriptures.

People become the loudest cheers.
And a lifetime of your best years.
Unbidden, some people become tears.

People become magic.
People become cherished things.
People, when they are your kind, become bliss.

People become faraway journeys.
And skies and seas and so many stories.

People aren't just people. 

Because people, inevitably, become memories.