Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Scribble your heart away with MatrikaS Creative Woman's Journal :)

I got to know about MatrikaS Paper Products through a blogger friend who directed me towards their facebook page and from the moment I checked out the super colourful and vibrant page, I knew I had to try at least one of their funky stationery  products. Luckily for me, I got a chance to review their beautiful journal- the MatrikaS Creative Woman's Journal- which was delivered at my doorstep with a super sweet letter in tow. The letter introduced me to the wonderfully wrapped journal and coaxed me to open the package and find out what awaited me. :)

As a sucker for stationery items, I have been a regular at the Stationery Fair that accompanies the Delhi Book Fair every year in the national capital. I have come across spectacular products, ranging from combinations of bottle openers and sharpeners to minion shaped pen drives to lock and key journals and what not. So, I was pretty excited when I set about unwrapping the Creative Woman's Journal. My excitement grew even more as I found out how lovely the journal was, exactly as I had expected.

Here's a collage from various angles, to give you a sneak peek.

The journal is available in four different variants of colours and design, each aimed at encouraging a woman to discover different attributes of her dynamic persona- the pink cover with a golden butterfly, for the woman who wishes to dream; the brown cover with a golden dragonfly for the woman who wishes to fly; a rust cover with a printed feather for the writer and a mermaid like fish in blue, for the woman who glides through life. I had ordered the one with the dragonfly, in check with my spirit that always wises to soar.

I was amazed by the plethora of innovative features the journal had. Not just limited to ruled sheets, the journal comes with-
1. 8 adult colouring pages
2. Blank doodling pages
3. Customised pages to list the books on your to be read agenda and the places you wish to visit someday
4. A page for displaying personal details
5.  Dedicated, sassy stickers you can use while describing your day in the journal, or on your doodles

The journal is hard bound with rounded edges, so that you can carry it anywhere, without worrying about it getting harmed, or the corners getting damaged. Not just this, there's a pen holder, too. (very convenient for people like me, who keep misplacing pens by the dozen!) There's a very cute pouch attached to the end cover, and it comes with an elastic band for safe-locking.

If you'd like to visualise and experience the features before you actually order the journal... Here's a video that is very elegantly done.

The paper quality is excellent, the ink doesn't seep through to the next page and it looks exceptionally classy when you step out with it, rocking the intellectual look. The best part? It is neither oversized nor bulky and fits easily in your hands. It is convenient enough to be taken anywhere and everywhere. ;)

So, I guess, what I'm saying is, it isn't just a journal. It is more like your personal companion to the end of the world, especially if your're somebody who loves their stationery as much as I do, and carries a penchant for writing/scribbling/doodling. So, if you're looking for a gift for the adorable lady nerd in your life, look no further. Oh, and of course, you can gift it to yourself, too. Check out more of their offerings, here. So, happy journalling with the MatrikaS Creative Woman's Journal, ladies. I hope you enjoyed my review :)