Thursday, 10 July 2014


Okay. so like hundreds and thousands of aspiring young writers spread across the globe, I too, have finally come up with my very own blog! There is no reason, absolutely none, as to why you should visit this blog. After all, everything that one has to say, has probably been said before. There are only so many languages, so many words and so many ideas that the world can spawn, right?

Umm, wrong! Sometimes, two very similar people can react very differently to very similar situations and circumstances. Sometimes, the very same words can generate very different meanings, and sometimes, you need to read between the lines to know what truly is, what never was, and what always will be :)

So, welcome to this blog that goes by a very impulsive name (that took more than 48 hours to finalise :P).
Welcome to a very impulsive world, where every scribble will mean more than it gives away, where every ordinary occurrence will be distilled into a not-so-ordinary observation, where at times, tears will betray joy, and laughter will mask sorrow, where the present blends seamlessly with an upcoming tomorrow.

I welcome you to discover randomness. I welcome you to find a method in this madness. I welcome you to be a part of this crazy, whimsical experiment, because we learn from each other and we grow, only when others grow along with us. Welcome!