Friday, 25 July 2014

Sharing your Angels :)

Each one of us is fortunate.
I say that not to lecture you about counting your blessings, but to remind you that life is good.

We are all blessed because we can name at least one person whom we love unconditionally, and who loves us back. All of us have that angel in our lives. Our guardian angel. It could be your mom, your dad, your grandparents, a dear relative, a sibling, a friend, a teacher, a lover and sometimes even a complete stranger.

You know they are your angel because they are as good to everybody else as they are to you. That is what an angel does. Let smiles bloom where there were tears, let spring winds blow when life is a frosty winter, let sunshine beam through the stormiest of days and let tranquility pacify the turbulent ebb and flow of your emotions!

But, possessiveness is the greatest sin you will commit against your angel.

You might not be ready to share their love and friendship with anybody else, believing that they are yours and yours alone to keep. But that is not true.

Learn to share your angels with the world, because the world needs all the goodness it can gather.

Share your angels, because sharing is the force that will propel them forward on their noble earthly mission.

Share them because like you, the homeless man on the footpath needs them. The widow, who has 2 kids to support and no income to boast of, needs them. The distraught orphan on the streets needs them. Those who aren't as lucky as you are, and those who know only suffering and pain and sorrow, need them.

Share your angels, because your angels need these broken souls too. To mend, repair, heal and patch up their pieces together into a beautiful, whole person again. Your angel needs them, because they form the purpose of his or her life. And because, the almighty has instructed them to love those who need it most!

Share them, because if you don’t, you will end up chopping their wings off and chaining them to misery, obstructing the fulfillment of their destiny.

Share your angel because that is the greatest favour you will ever do. To them, to the world, and perhaps, even to yourself. Set them free once you have realized you are good to go. Release them once they have filled your heart with all the joy, peace, love and warmth you need.
Unchain them, because they would never do it by themselves. They won’t leave till you are ready to let them go, because angels heal, not hurt.

Set your angels free, once you have assimilated and absorbed their goodness into yourselves. Don’t hold on to them forever. And once you have set them free, try and be an angel for someone else too :)

Inspired from "Angels" by Lang Leav. Read it here: