Monday, 4 August 2014


28. Single. Lawyer by profession. Only child of middle class parents.
She had told him everything he needed to know. Including her biggest secret.

She thought he would understand. He was, after all, her husband to be.

But he did not. He had shouted and screamed like a mad man. He had called her a characterless bitch.
He had left without caring for explanations.

In retrospect, she thought, he deserved none.

Yes, she was a mother to be. Yes, the child did not belong to him. It was the truth.
But it was also true that the child could have belonged to both of them, together.

The in charge’s voice broke her reverie. “Congratulations ma’am. You are good to go. Everything’s in order. You can take him home.”

 5 year old Yug smiled as she enveloped him in her arms. A new born mother walked out of the orphanage with her new found child, as the in charge thanked her for the adoption. He thought she was an angel.

She smiled at the irony. A bitch to one, and an angel to another.

Same motherhood, different perspectives.