Wednesday, 28 January 2015

On Writing!

That is the beauty and the curse of writing.

It helps me erase who I was,but confines me to who I am.

It helps me mask my pain from the piercing gaze of the world, yet, it leaves me vulnerable to my own darkest face.

It saves me the trouble of explaining things to everyone, yet, pushes me towards a confrontation with my self.

It gives me answers that questions cannot question. Yet, it leaves behind a search that just does not end.

It tells me I can share my pain with the world, while reminding me that there are some burdens that need to be borne alone.

It has won me admiration, awe and applause. Even love. But it fails to explain the sense of loss, of emptiness, of inadequacy that has come to settle inside me.

Writing fills me with all I need, but it has taken away all I had...........