Monday, 1 September 2014


What if I labelled us "friends"
and "forever" decided we did not qualify?

What if I labelled us "soulmates"
and the universe rejected it on a whim?

What if you labelled us "happiness"
and tears accompanied our smiles,
inseparable now that they are?

What if we labelled us "us",
forgetting that I am me and you are you, first?

Maa does not label the containers in the kitchen.
The spices are familiar, even if containers change.

Labels are futile.

Salt is salt because sugar is sugar,
not because it was meant to be,
But simply because we labelled it in bold,
to be spelled as SALT.
And now calling it something else is blasphemy.

So if we label what we have, nothing will change. But we might just.

The spices In the kitchen know who they are
and where they are needed.

I wish we knew too.

Labels would be redundant, don't you think?