Monday, 8 September 2014

Rainbows :)

I know a rainbow isn't magic.
There is a science of light governing
The colours that pop up
On a rainy, sunny,
Contradictory day.

Seven bright hues in a dull grey sky;
paragraphs of golden sunlight,
Punctuated with silver drops of rain.

An exercise in storytelling.
A phenomenon called dispersion.

I know dispersion.
But there is no magic in knowing,
and calculating the angles, ratios and time lapses
And in predicting rainbows.

There is magic
You are typing away furiously,
Stabbing at the keys of your laptop,
And the rain starts stabbing
at the glass windows.

And suddenly
Light through shut panes,
An inverted smile
painted upon the gloomy face of the sky
welcomes you.

A happy, carefree, magical VIBGYOR.

And you are six again, or seven
And heaven
And rainy skies and chasing butterflies,
And being naked, drenched, replete in rain
The be all and end all
Of how happiness is spelled.

And love is still a possibility
and not a distant, hazy dream.
The sky has fathered rainbows
And all is well with the world, again :)