Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Anonymous Identity

I am sunbeam caught in glass,
I make many a wildfire.
I make fury appear tame,
I am the edge of desire.

I am the first drop of dew,
I make the morning rise.
I am a cloak of darkness,
I make them starry, the skies.

I am a peal of laughter,
I make all your ghosts die.
I make journeys exciting,
I am the last mile.

I am a sky full of stardust,
I make the heavens divine.
I am a firefly,
I make your nights shine.

I am an elusive metaphor,
I make wild goose chases look promising.
I make storms worthwhile,
I am the silver lining.

(An experiment where each line of the poem begins with 'I am' or 'I make.' Also, intentional rhyme scheme after a long time. Feedback welcome!)